Alex Smith


Alex Smith

I offer creative approaches to tech problems in your home or business. Avoid the hassle of dealing with down networks, crashing pcs, or slow servers: I can help you through it.

I configure Cisco iOS devices, build computers, maintain servers, and provide friendly service to users. One of my greatest skills is communicating information between high-tech systems admins and low-tech end users to ensure good expereinces are had by all.

As a techie experienced in many different areas of IT: I will troubleshoot or design a way around any problems or goals you may set me. Attention to detail and a passion for my work ensure I will not be satisfied until I've done the job well.

Education and Certificates

BA in ITI - Rutgers University School of Communications

Game Production and Innovation Specialization

Minor in English - Certificates in Creative Writing and Digital Filmmaking


CompTIA A+ce


CCNA Routing and Switching


Switching Pro

Routing Pro


Rutgers - Office of Information Technology - Livi Labs

December 2014 - July 2016

Assistant Lab Supervisor

Rutgers - Office of Information Technology - Help Desk

December 2014 - July 2016

Level 2 Escalation Certified Network Support

Rutgers - Digital Classroom Services - Operations

March 2013 - June 2015

Support Specialist


Cisco iOS

CCNA Routing and Switching Certified

Deployed a multi-switch, enterprise ready network

Supported Cisco equipped MAN


Managed university display equipment

Designed multipurpose AV systems for large scale viewing

Installed dozens of multi-projector systems

PC Hardware

Work from personal, fully stocked home workshop

Built half a dozen high-end machines

Planned over a dozen builds for others


Designed and built unRaid server

Configured Web, Email, and FTP servers on same device

Experience with configuring drive shares

Web Administration

Hosting this website locally

Postfix Mail server with filtering and anti-virus

Configured LAMP in Ubuntu CLI

Video Production

Worked on music videos, commercials, and short films

Titles, Animation, and VFX in AE

Edited hundreds of hours of video in Premiere

Version 1.0